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After writing and sending a letter in 2009 to President Barack Obama about Hurricane Katrina and how it affected her life, Northwest Rankin High School senior Kelsea Dolan recently got the opportunity to meet the President.

Both Brandon and Northwest Rankin High School football coaches know Friday’s cross-county rivalry game isn’t important in their hunt for the playoffs, but that won’t keep it from taking on a championship atmosphere.

• Northwest Rankin Cougars find strength in raucous group of classmates •

Northwest Rankin High School has been known for its one-of-a-kind student section for as long as most can remember.

Every year students from around the world travel to Northwest Rankin High School for a year of American culture, education and long-lasting memories. 

This football season Northwest Rankin High School will become only the second school in the state to introduce a video score board into the mix on Friday nights.

In preparation for the fast-approaching season most Rankin County high school marching bands braved excruciating heat during the last two weeks of July hosting band camps to force-feed students the basics and eventually a new show.